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Mundo Gamer Academy

The Mundo Gamer Academy is a global space for teaching and learning focused on enhancing gamers in various areas. By bringing together developers, artists, designers, animators, writers, and professional gamers, we aim to build an environment for personal and professional growth for all those interested in the digital gaming industry.

Turn your passion for games into a profession, learn from the best, and make a difference in the gaming industry.

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Exclusive guidance

Opportunity to enter the job market

Learn from the best players

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Mundo Gamer Agency

At Mundo Gamer Agency, we transform passion into incredible results! We are more than an agency; we are creators of unique experiences in the gaming universe.

Imagine having a dedicated team by your side to boost your brand in the gaming industry. At Mundo Gamer Agency, we offer a range of services, from engaging marketing to standout advertising campaigns. We're not just in the gaming business; we're here to tell your brand's story in a way that resonates with gamers' hearts.

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Market analysis

Business analysis

Marketing solutions

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Mundo Gamer AI

Mundo Gamer AI's mission is to be an artificial intelligence specialized in the gaming industry, providing comprehensive support for both players and professionals involved in game development.

Our platform aims to transform the gaming experience and drive innovation in creating new content by providing intelligent assistance in various areas. An essential partner for all gaming industry enthusiasts, driving innovation and raising the quality of games worldwide.

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Market and Trends Analysis

Story and Character Development

Player Support

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Mundo Gamer Club

Mundo Gamer Club is the official meeting point for Gamers. Distributed in physical franchise format, our Clubs provide members with a Mundo Gamer Card access to various types of entertainment.

You can enjoy

Distributed in physical franchises

Exclusive access to Mundo Gamer Network members

News and a wide variety of devices

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Mundo Gamer Community

At Mundo Gamer Community, we're here to keep you updated on everything happening in the gaming universe! Our mission is to inform about the main events, coverages, and news in the world of games, bringing news, reviews, trailers, and much more.

But that's not all, we want to connect gamers and companies from all corners of the planet!

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Daily updated content

Engaged gamer community


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Mundo Gamer Jobs

At Mundo Gamer Jobs, we bridge the gap between your talent and the most incredible companies in the world of electronic games! Here, you'll find various job opportunities scattered around the world, with careful analysis of your profile to ensure the perfect match. We make life easier for companies, connecting them with highly skilled professionals. Let's conquer your next challenge in the gaming world together.

You can enjoy

Direct connections with recruiters

Gamification of the Application Process

Opportunities from the industry's leading companies

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Mundo Gamer Shop

Mundo Gamer Shop is the perfect place to use your accumulated credits in your Mundo Gamer account. Expand your game collection or customize your setup with personalized products from Mundo Gamer or partner companies.

You can enjoy

Exclusive and personalized products

Access to various promotions from our partners

Earn money with our affiliate system

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Mundo Gamer Token

Mundo Gamer Token (“GWT”) are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain according to a smart contract related to ERC-20. GWT is intended for use by users and connected companies on all Mundo Gamer Network platforms and in the electronic gaming industry.

In the end, our goal is to integrate players, developers, companies, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, making business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

You can enjoy

Ethereum blockchain

ERC-20 Tokens

Exclusive payment system

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Mundo Gamer TV

At Mundo Gamer TV, we're here to keep you plugged into the coolest games and the hottest streamers of the moment! It's the perfect experience for those who enjoy following and chatting with players from around the world. Come with us on this gamer journey full of fun and camaraderie!

You can enjoy

Greater visibility for beginner streamers

Exclusive features

Indie games

Explore our differentials

Unified platform

The unification of the entire world of electronic games, ranging from news and reviews to job vacancies in the gaming market with a secure platform that rewards you for your contributions to the Network.

Professional Courses

Online courses developed by industry experts, training new professionals with internationally recognized certificates and connected to our job platform.


With the security and transparency of a blockchain network, we create a database where users can alter records, and the Network itself can validate those changes.


Considering your location and market data, we help companies target their marketing to their corresponding target audience to enhance business decision-making.

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