Who are we?

The first Network for Gaming Industry with exclusive platforms for Gamers and Businesses, Digital Marketing strategies and exclusive services for professional development.

Mundo Gamer Academy

The Academy is a global online learning and teaching market where gamers are trained by game industry specialists to enter the market.

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Mundo Gamer Agency

Mundo Gamer Agency provides services like Marketing, Advertising Campaigns and Creative Productions on the gaming industry.

Mundo Gamer Club

Distributed in physical franchise format, our clubs provide members with your Mundo Gamer Card access to various types of entertainment. Here you can play the top games of the moment, organize or compete in various game championships, and test the top gadgets from the game market.

Mundo Gamer Community

Follow the best of what happens in the Gamer World, grow your audience & join the growing community of gamers, streamers & content creators.

Mundo Gamer Jobs

Connect to opportunity and tap into your professional potential with the Mundo Gamer Jobs. The Platform makes it easier to discover and connect relationships with the best companies in the gaming industry.

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Mundo Gamer Shop

The Mundo Gamer Shop is the perfect place to use your accumulated credits on your Mundo Gamer account. Grow your game collection or customize your setup with custom products from Mundo Gamer and partners.

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Mundo Gamer Token

Mundo Gamer Token (“MGT”) are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract. MGT is meant for use in the Mundo Gamer blockchain platform to perform transactions in the Mundo Gamer Network and gaming industry.

Mundo Gamer TV

Mundo Gamer TV keeps you connected to the best games and streamers of the moment. An incredible experience for you that likes to watch and talk with devoted gamers around the world.

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Special features of our network

  • Unified Platform

    The unification of the video gaming world, ranging from news and reviews to jobs in the gaming industry, with a secure platform that rewards the users for their contribution to the community.

  • Professional Courses

    Online Courses developed by industry experts, helping to train new professionals with an internationally recognized certificate and connected with our jobs platform.

  • Job Vacancies

    Platform designed to help professionals enter the gaming industry, connecting them to partner companies.

  • Geomarketing

    Taking location and market data into account, we help companies target their marketing to relevant audiences in order to improve conversion rates and reduce customer acquisition costs.

  • Streaming

    A next-generation live streaming platform for streamers and viewers, allowing viewers to participate by interacting during streams while enabling visibility to the streamer, allowing them to receive credits or “MGT”.

  • Rewards

    A way of encouraging users to keep the community always up-to-date and active. Users can exchange their credits or tokens for courses and products on all platforms of the Mundo Gamer Network.

  • Online Store

    Credits and “MGT” received within our network can be exchanged by users for digital games and accessories of Mundo Gamer Networks and partner companies.

  • Blockchain

    With the security and transparency of a blockchain, we have created a database in which users can change entries and the community can control how the record of information is amended and updated.

  • WikiGamer

    Updated daily with information and data of more than 100,000 registered games and characters. All users can help enrich the content and can be rewarded with credits or “MGT”.

  • Token

    Intended for users and companies connected via the platforms of the Mundo Gamer Network. With the token, users will be able to buy products and games from partner companies.

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We are the Mundo Gamer Team

This is the team responsible for the Mundo Gamer Community that seeks to bring to the public daily the best content and major events that happen in the world of the gaming industry.

Guilherme Cortez

Computer Engineer and CTO for a TueThink UG, Crypto analyst and investor.Currently a Mundo Gamer Network founder and blockchain strategist.

Deysi Vila Verde

Specialized in Business and Processes Management . Compliance and Internal Control.

Patrick Cohenn

Patrick is a Computer Engineer with knowledgeable in the game market, social networking and promotion. He is also a native Portuguese speaker and work with our brazilian community.

Alexandru Blaga

Alex is the polyglot of our team. He is passionate of crypto, investments and he's working with german and romanian communities.

Johannes Weber

Specialized in marketing and sales related to blockchain technology.

Lucas Januário

Lucas is a Brazilian native, English speaker, passionate open world gamer, loves to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and he's responsible for MG Club expansion in Brazil.

Raphaela Groff Montes

Web Designer, with experience in creating and maintaining websites and graphic projects.

Rafael Passos de Melo e Silva

Hello, my name is Rafael Passos. I'm a 22 years old dreamer, graduating in Jogos Digitais (Game Design) at University of Uberaba (UNIUBE). I am Brazilian, passionate about video games a...

Matheus Valim

Interested in innovations and technologies, full stack developer and Counter-Strike player

Cátia Rodrigues Pinto

Curious by nature, always looking for the lost easter egg. Passionate about Xbox, she tries to make it a place of friends, exchanges and experiences. Have a child, plant a tree, play a...

Romeu Mello

Software Engineering Manager and CEO at MELOZ MOBILE, Trade Representative at Mundo Gamer in Brazil. He has served as a technology specialist for over 15 years, and hopes to help in the...

Gabriel Muniz Rodrigues Souza

Crazy about e-sports, especially a good FPS, fan of the geek universe, period series and also the sports world in general. Crazy for pizza, accepting invitations by the way.

Acácio Osório

Gamer for the fun (to win) and streamer for the fun! Working with Perfluence.

Anderson Matheus

Software engineer, responsible for the backend at Mundo Gamer Network.

Ygor Gatti

Art director/product designer and gamer as well. Graduated in industrial design with a penchant for strategy, advertising and products with focus on UX.

Daniel Bilharinho

Company administrator in Brazil responsible for the company's financial and legal departments.

Matheus Pereira da Silva


Gabriel Camilo

Communications and Marketing Assistant, Public Relations professional who loves play video games and listen to music.

Diego Lourenço Sá Pinto

I'm a PR, writer, researcher, and content producer with experience in the gaming industry. I am also a gamer that is really passionate about storytelling and I believe that every story...

Rodrigo da Costa


Maria Eduarda Braga Milani

Journalist with experience in Press Relations and Writing. Content creator passionate about Stardew Valley, lover of romance, and VALORANT player in my spare time.

Ivan Vasconcelos Cintra

With great interest in technology and innovation, always looking to apply new solutions in my work. I am a huge enthusiast of strategy and survival games, which helps me to develop my c...

Gabriel de Rezende Rodovalho


Pâmela Tainá Gonçalves

In love with the tranquilly of the beach, nature and the world of technology. Has a degree in systems Analysis/Development and works as UI / UX Designer.

Victor Hugo Carvalho Santos


Alain Nielsen dos Santos


Partners & Friends

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TueCon UG
DZ Labs
Dr.Werner & Partner
Dat Innovative
Kat VR

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