Blockchain Developer

Tübingen, Germany | Engineering · Presential

Job Description

We are building the first smart Network for the gaming industry and with exclusive platforms for gamers, studios and companies in the segment, with Digital Marketing strategies and exclusive services for professional development.

That is why we are looking for a Blockchain engineer with at least 3 years of solid development experience developing on the Ethereum, Bitcoin core and Smart contracts platform. You will be working in close collaboration with a Techie CTO, the Chief Trading Strategist, and an innovation mindset management!

About You:

If you are passionate about the gamer environment, are great at multitasking, are organized and proactive, communicating with other people, have the requirements below and would like to work in a relaxed environment don't hesitate to sign up!


  • Solid understanding of Relayers, Cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity protocols (Hydro, Ox etc), Order Matching algorithms, Gas prices,
  • Develop ERC20 token/Smart Contracts base on Ethereum network
  • Creating Ethereum smart contracts and deploying them to different test networks such as Rinkeby, Ropsten.
  • Good understanding of Sentiment analysis, Artificial Intelligence (trading bot), Business Intelligence dashboards, Machine Learning.
  • Implementation and deployment of private networks on Ethereum.
  • Competent at identifying & solving business problems and analysing patterns & insights within structured and unstructured data.
  • Regular code audits, code improvements, quality built in the coding.
  • Good understanding of ICOs, STOs, Token economics
  • English and/or German language skills;
  • Have practical experience;
  • Good Relationship and History of Activities in the market;
  • Ability to work in a diverse and international team, so mastery of the English language is essential.

And much more, including any other projects you can add value too!

Why join us?

As a startup, we still form a small team, but we are always looking for a contribution at the highest level thinking about the best for our employees.

  • Casual work environment.
  • Games Room with PlayStation and Xbox Magazines and Videogames to stimulate the creative process and relax from the daily demands during breaks and meetings with other members.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • We offer a relaxed, comfortable environment with the perks of being a Member of the Mundo Gamer Squad.
Required Skills

Develop UI/UX for blockchain solutions, Solidity, C#, Objective C, Python, NoSQL databases, Smart Contract Languages (Solidity, Chain Code), Microsoft Visual Studio, GitHub, Docker, PHP/Laravel, jQuery


Tübingen - Germany

Work Methodology

Presential - Full-time

Visa Sponsorship



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